Rent Orlando Scooters Rental Agreement

THIS EQUIPMENT LEASE AGREEMENT (“LEASE”) is made and effective by clicking on the “I agree, submit this order” button, by and between Scooters And More, Inc., (“Lessor”) and current user (“Lessee”). By clicking on the “I agree, submit this order” button, Lessee agrees to be bound by this Equipment Lease Agreement and all the Terms and Conditions therein, whether or not Lessee has read them. Lessor may at its sole discretion modify this Equipment Lease Agreement and all the Terms and Conditions therein at any time. By clicking on the “I agree, submit this order” button, Lessee indicates acceptance of the modified Terms and Conditions. NOW, THEREFORE,


Every effort is made to assure descriptions and prices are correct. Lessor reserves the right to correct errors as needed. All prices and availability are subject to change without notice.


Lessor hereby leases to Lessee, and Lessee hereby leases from Lessor, the following described equipment (“Equipment”): shown above in the “Contents” area during checkout.


Lessee agrees to pay both outgoing and return shipping charges at the time of the initial transaction, unless parties otherwise agree.

Lessor cannot guarantee a specific time or date for delivery. Any shipping time given by Lessor is only an estimate.
Use, by Lessee, of shipping methods other than those arranged for by Lessor is a violation of these terms, and may result in the application of late fees.


The term of this lease shall commence at the latter of the date the Shipper shows the first attempted delivery or the first day of the rental period shown on order receipt. The term of this lease shall expire on the expiration of the term of days shown on the order receipt. The Equipment must be returned to the chosen Shipper by the end of business on the last day of the term of the lease.


Rent and a deposit, if applicable, must be paid in advance, in full.

6.Rental Extensions and Equipment Return

Equipment and any included accessories are due back at the date/time specified on the rental agreement so the Equipment can be picked up. If you need to extend your rental, you must call prior to expiration date and time to determine if the rental can be extended. Rent Orlando Scooters may, at its own discretion allow or deny any extension. Rent Orlando Scooters reserves the right to charge the Lesse’s card and Lessee agrees to allow the charge of $25 for each additional day or fraction of a day the Equipment is kept by the Lessee beyond the prearranged return date and time on the rental contract. A $25 fee will be applied for return trips to pick up rental items if not returned at the agreed upon time as listed in the rental reservation or prior agreed upon written arrangement for return. Lessee may request a change of product for reasons of size or transportation issues; the approval of the request is at the sole discretion of Rent Orlando Scooters. and will be based on the availability of equipment and delivery personnel. A $25 fee applies to any exchanges. The Lessee is responsible to pay the replacement cost of any lost parts or accessories, whether paid for or provided free of charge. These include but are not limited to: oxygen bottle holders, sunshades, baskets, cane and crutch holders, phone holders, straps, harnesses and any other accessories provided. These items may be provided for a small fee or free of charge during the rental period but are in no way guaranteed to be available during the rental.


Lessee shall use the Equipment in a careful and proper manner and shall comply with and conform to all applicable laws, ordinance, and regulations in any way relating to the use or possession of the Equipment.

Cancellation or No Show by Lessee

Lessee may cancel this order at any time prior to 48 hours before their scheduled reservation for a full refund. Any cancellation within this 48 hour period (based on an 9 o’clock start time) will be charged our one day rate and the difference will be refunded back to you. or Lessee can also choose 100% refund in the form of House Credit which can be used for future rentals anytime there are available units within 12 months from the cancellation date.
(EX: Rental begins on January 9. You must cancel by 9am on January 7 to receive a full refund.)


The Equipment remains at all times the sole and exclusive property of Lessor. The Lessee has no rights or claims to the Equipment. Lessor makes no claims to images, video, or sound recordings made by the Lessee while using the Equipment.

Damaged or Modified Equipment

Lessee shall keep the Equipment in good working condition.

Lessee shall not materially modify or alter the Equipment.

In the event of any material modifications, Lessee will be responsible for all reasonable costs of Lessor in restoring the Equipment to its normal condition.
Lessee assumes and shall bear the entire risk of damage to the Equipment from any cause, except damage in the possession of the Shipper, during the term of the Lease.
Unless pre-existing damage is reported to Lessor within 24 hours after Lessee takes possession of the Equipment, it is assumed any damage to the equipment occurred during the term of the Lease.
If there is a dispute between Lessor and Lessee as to whether damage occurred in possession of the Shipper, the equipment shall be inspected by our repair department and or external repair facility. The opinion of our repair department or the outside service , as to the cause of the damage, shall be binding on the parties.
In the event of damage, Lessor shall choose the repair method and venue, within reason.
If Lessor chooses an external venue for repair, Lessee is responsible for the total cost of repair, if commercially reasonable.
Lessor may elect to repair the Equipment in-house. In these cases, Lessee shall be responsible for Lessor’s reasonable expenses for parts and labor.
Lessee’s form of payment shall be charged the amount of repair expenses owed to Lessor. If the Lessee’s form of payment cannot be successfully charged within 24 hours, the Lessee shall be considered to be in Default.
At Lessor’s discretion, a cleaning fee may be charged if any of the following must be removed from the equipment upon return:
Mud or dirt
Chalk or powder
Any other matter that must be removed from the Equipment before it is placed back in Lessor’s inventory.

Damage, Loss, Theft and Reporting

Lessee shall notify Rent Orlando Scooters within two hours of any and all accidents and damage resulting from the use, operation or driving of the Equipment. Renter agrees to pay all costs, expenses, and attorneys’ fees incurred by Rent Orlando Scooters in collecting sums due or in regaining possession of Equipment or in enforcing or recovering any damage, losses or claims against Lessee. The Lessee agrees to inform Rent Orlando Scooters immediately of any defect or malfunction while in use. Once notified, Rent Orlando Scooters will make every effort to remedy the issue in a timely manner. Lessee is responsible for the loss, theft, damage or destruction of the Equipment and agrees to pay the full replacement value for the rental item(s). The Lessee also agrees to authorize the replacement cost of the rental item(s) to the Renter’s credit card given at time of rental or delivery. The Lessee agrees to return the rental item(s) and all accessories in the same condition as it was delivered, and to report any loss, theft, damage or destruction to the rental item(s) immediately to Rent Orlando Scooters


In the event of default, all amounts owed by Lessee to Lessor are immediately due.

In the event of default, Lessee shall be responsible for any reasonable expenses of Lessor in attempting to recover the amount owed from Lessee including collection fees and attorney’s fees.
Lessor reserves the right to pursue all available civil and criminal remedies against lessee, including but not limited to: recovering possession of the equipment, obtaining from Lessee’s form of payment any amounts owed, hiring outside debt collection firms or private investigators, filing of criminal charges, and any civil remedies available. These remedies are not exclusive.


Rent Orlando Scooters may or may not offer to the Lessee a damage waiver, theft insurance, or accidental damage insurance for purchase at time of rental. It is solely up to the Lessee to accept or reject the coverage prior to accepting delivery of Equipment. Once the Equipment is delivered to the Lessee, no insurance of any kind can be added to the rental contract. You should see the separate insurance contract agreements to review policies, specific coverages, deductibles, exclusions, and limitations. Some offered insurance products may require qualifications. All insurance products or waivers will terminate, and are void in their entirety if the Equipment and any included accessories are not returned by the designated date and time on the original rental contract.
The Insurance plan does not cover Loss of equipment , theft and missing Accessories

Missing Accessories

In the event of any missing accessories (Charger, Basket, bags, etc.), Lessee is fully liable to Lessor for the replacement cost of the missing items.


Lessor does not assume, and the customer indemnifies Lessor against any liability or claims resulting from use or malfunction of the equipment. Lessee assumes all liability that may arise from use or failure of the equipment.

Shipping Delays & Malfunctioning Equipment

In the case of a shipping delay or malfunctioning Equipment, Lessor’s only liability to Lessee is for the portion of Rent applicable to the time period that the Equipment was non functioning or delayed in transit. Lessor shall not be responsible for any consequential or incidental damages resulting from malfunctions or shipping delays.


The Equipment remains at all times the sole and exclusive property of Lessor. The Lessee has no rights or claims to the Equipment.

Severability and Governing Laws

This represents the entire agreement between Lessor and Lessee. If any portion of this agreement is found unenforceable, it will not affect the remainder of the agreement, which shall remain valid and enforceable. The agreement shall be enforced according to the laws of the State of Florida. This Agreement is governed by Florida law, without regard to its conflict of laws provisions. Venue for any proceeding arising out of or related to this Agreement or the rental of the Equipment lies exclusively in Orlando, and all parties stipulate to the personal jurisdiction of such court and waive any right to remove or transfer the proceeding to any other court or venue.

Dead Battery, Key Loss or Re-Delivery

The Equipment (scooters or electric wheelchairs) are fully charged at time of delivery; Lessee is responsible to charge the battery as needed. We recommend keeping the Equipment plugged in overnight whether the power meter shows a discharge or not. The unit is designed to charge automatically, however do not keep the Equipment charger plugged in more than twenty four (24) hours, as damage to the battery can occur. If you forget to charge the battery and become stranded, you may call us and request a delivery of a fully charged battery, at a fee of $50 during business hours (9AM – 5PM, Monday – Friday). If the Lessee is a no show for the specified delivery time, they will be charged the normal fee plus an additional $50 NO SHOW fee. Lessee may then request a re-delivery for same day (if available) or next day at the standard rate. If Lessee loses the key during rental a $50 fee for key replacement fee is charged. Each unit has a unique security key, and for security purposes it cannot be copied or duplicated. In case of loss, the unit must be exchanged for another one for your use, and the unit with the missing key is required to be removed from service to have the key assembly professionally replaced. Again, an additional $50 NO SHOW fee is in full effect.

Operation of Equipment

Lessee shall require drivers to operate the Equipment with reasonable care and diligence and comply with any policies and ordinances in the locations where it is used along with the terms of this agreement. The following restrictions are cumulative and each shall apply to every use, operation or driving of the Equipment; under no circumstances shall the Equipment be used or operated by any other person other than the Renterlisted on the contract. No riders of any kind. No phone calls or texting while in operation. Renter shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless Rent Orlando Scooters, all of their agents, officers, servants, and employees from and against any and all losses, liability claims, damages, injuries, demands, actions and causes of action whatsoever, arising out of or related to any loss, damage or injury claimed by persons that may arise from the use, operation or driving of the Equipment, provided that such loss or damage was not caused by the fault or gross negligence and willful misconduct of  Rent Orlando Scooters or its employees. Lessee assumes all costs and expenses of every kind and nature, including legal fees and disbursements arising out of and in connection with the use, operation or driving of the Equipment. Rent Orlando Scooters assumes no liability or responsibility for any acts or omissions of Lessee or of Lessee’s agents, servants, or employees.


It is important to understand that scooters are comprised of electric components and must NOT get wet. We strongly advise staying out of the rain, as much as possible. If a unit gets too wet, it is possible it may seize up, and not run properly. If a unit seizes up due to rain, the components will need time to dry out before it will operate. The time may vary due to dampness. If you hear a beeping sound coming from a unit that was exposed to rain that is a warning indicator that the components are damp. Any further dampness could result in an inoperable piece of equipment. You can cover the control panel (on the steering column) and the charging cord to avoid some damage. You may use a poncho or thick plastic bag (similar to Disney Store bags) to cover the crucial parts. Please be aware, this may assist from water contact but will NOT prevent it.

Payment Policies

Rent Orlando Scooters accepts major credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover Card, and American Express) for credit identification and payment at the time of rental in addition to a valid Passport, valid Driver’s License or a valid State issued (Non driver’s) Identification Card with picture. Name on the credit card must match the Renter’s name on the contract. Debit Cards can be used only as a form of payment of rental charges. Note: Prepaid Debit/Gift cards are not acceptable methods of credit or identification. Credit cards and valid identification must be presented and will be verified at the scheduled delivery. Checks/Money Orders are not accepted.