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Most of the time carrying wheelchairs over on the go is a hectic job. Not at all with our wheelchairs rental that is easy to fold, store, and carry. Put them into your car’s trunk and take them as you go around the city to explore the undiscovered locations.

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All You Want to Know About the Orlando Convention Center

About the Orlando Convention Center

Orlando Convention center is also known as Orange County Convention Center is the primary destination to convene numerous events annually in the United States. It is the second-largest location after the McCormick place in Chicago to mobilize such a huge number of civic events. Recently, it has organized around 200 events annually with attendees numbering 1.4 million with contributions of $ 2.4 billion.

The location is spread in around 7 million square feet which encompasses a humongous exhibition space, 70 spacious meeting rooms, 226 BreakOut rooms, 6227 parking spaces, a lecture hall, a ballroom, truck loading bay with a capacity of 174 trucks, a theater, a garden with 2000 sq ft space, and 8 food courts to delight the guests with sumptuous meals.

The Orlando Convention Center can host around 2843 guests at a time.

OCC has an on-site parking available at the west block and North/South building blocks. The parking space is available for every kind of vehicle, and there is a parking space for people with disabilities as well. However, the parking space is served on a first-come-first-served basis.

The parking charges are $17 for normal vehicles and $25 for over-sized vehicles per entry. There is a designated space for short term metered parking with up to 3 hours of parking at a $5 per hour charge. 

It is important to note that parking spaces may vary based on events and timings. The availability of parking lots is usually displayed on an overhead electric signage at International Drive and the surrounding area.

The phone numbers of the OCC are (407) 685-9800 and (800) 345-9845 (Toll-Free).

The operating hours of the OCC are 8 am to 5 pm.

The OCC events calendar includes the dates, event details, and other essential info regarding the upcoming events at the remarkable location. To know more about the calendar events, go to the official website here. 

Events at Orlando Convention Center

The Orange County Convention Center organizes diverse events ranging from seminars, workshops, exhibition shows, Expos, annual conferences, boat shows, motor shows, and several other cultural, technological, and regional events. For a list of events that are going to be organized at the Orlando Convention Center in 2021 and beyond, you can visit the official website. 


Orlando Convention Center Location

The OCC is situated at the heart of the city near Universal Blvd road amidst a hub of Hotels, Resorts, and golf clubs. Here is a map of OCC down below.

Orlando Convention Center-

The address of the location is Orange County Convention Center, P.O. Box 691509, Orlando, FL 32869-1509

The area pin code of Orange County Convention Center or Orlando Convention Center is 32819

Things to do at Orlando Convention Center

Orlando Convention Center is all about experiencing a particular event or your planned list of things to do here in this part of the city. A great place to experience local culture, diversity, and recreational activities.

Among the spectacular activities you can enjoy at Orlando Convention Center:

  • Go a night out at splendid bars, hotels, and resorts hosting ample fun and exhilarating activities. For an unrestrained round of entertainment – go to B.B’s King’s blue club, Blue martini club, enjoy laugh out at Improv comedy club and fat fish blue, and there are a lot more things to do.
  • Go for boating and fishing. This part of the city evokes a great sense of wonder and a perfect place to let yourself out in nature. You can go fishing or boating on Butler Lake. For sure, there are legions of other possibilities waiting around here to be explored. Boating is among the most relaxing ones. You can go into a boat ramp after renting a boat and spend your time talking about, laughing, or even gazing at the scenic beauty around.
  • If you have more than Half Day around, you can head over to Epcot for a seamless and fun experience.
  • You can also shop around in the Orlando mall, Bath and Body works, Tommy Bahama, and Seaside gifts. 

Where to Stay at Orlando Convention Center?

Several prominent and great hotels lie adjacent to the Orange County Convention Center. Some of them even are just walking distance from the renowned convention center of the town. 

The most nearby Hotels to the OCC are:

  • Hilton Orlando
  • Hyatt Residency Orlando
  • Rozen Center, Rosen Plaza Hotel
  • Rosen Inn at Pointe Orlando
  • Las Palmeras by Hilton Grand Vacations. 

Some of the pet-friendly hotels among them are; Rosen Center, Rosen Inn, Hyatt Place Orlando, and others.

Here is a map of the Orlando convention center and nearby hotels given below:

Orlando Convention Center Map with nearby hotels