Orlando Mobility Rentals

Diverse Range of Mobility Scooters to choose

Renting a Four Wheel Mobility Scooters is perfect for your journey when better stability is needed.

4-Wheel Scooters are the perfect choice for users who expect to travel on difficult outdoor terrain on a daily basis.

HD portable scooters support more weight and got a longer range than regular scooters. The brilliant part is they are quite affordable in pricing.

You can book it during the trip at any time from RentOrlandoScooters.

Pick the right mobility scooter for you

Lighter in weight 3-wheel mobility scooters offer more legroom for users who are taller or suffer from knee or leg ailments.  No matter if you are in a crowded place or in a congested one you can operate the scooter like a master.

Although they include anti-tip wheels for safety, three-wheel scooters are not quite as stable as four-wheel mobility scooters.

3-Wheel Mobility Scooters provide superior maneuverability compared to equivalent four-wheel versions, due to their lower turning radius.

They are best used on smooth, flat surfaces and not on rougher outdoor terrain like grass or gravel.
Are easy to disassemble, and perfect for transport.

A Mobility Solution for Everyone

Power Chairs are optimal for people who are physically injured or challenged.

Power chairs beauty lies in the fact that they provide complete autonomy in movements. 

The fact that they are motorized makes them reliable for moving from one place to another. Now you can travel without limits and boundaries.

For the tourist with disabilities who prefer complete control over direction and movement, wheelchairs are definitely the right bet.

Manual wheelchairs provide a completely different experience than the power chairs. You can park them any corner or away from the crowd to dive deeper into attractions.

You can see every view to the fullest, and the supporting wheels can keep your balance intact. 

For senior citizens with knee problems or people with leg impairments, Knee walkers are perfect for enhancing their movements.

Knee walkers allows people with these physical impediments to enjoying the whole place without actually discomforting their body.

The best thing about knee walkers is that they offer reliable movements without any trouble. And even if the elders have a slight physical problem, these knee walkers add extra support for them.



Scooter pick-ups from our location requires a reservation

Store hours for pick-up and drop-off, Monday to Saturday, between 8am and 6pm by appointment only.

Please contact customer service for availability before heading to our location.