In short, our wheelchair rental is most appropriate for people with disabilities and for elders who require additional support to move effortlessly.

The highlight of wheelchairs is light-weight and robust at the same time. You can easily take them with you in your car, where they can easily fit in after folding, and use them at the desired location. And, when not in use, you can store them in a safe place. No matter what place you want to explore in the city, our wheelchair rental will transform your journey at every nook and corner.

All the wheelchairs are equipped with manual movement control and have tires that offer sturdy and easy maneuver capability. The height of the wheelchairs can be adjusted to meet the comfort and convenience of the user.

The best part about Wheelchairs rental is affordable pricing. We have designed pricing based on the rental timeline and have offered attractive discounts on monthly as well weekly rental. And, it is not always about business our commitment to empowering people with disabilities always remains the hallmark of our quality rental service in Orlando, Florida. And, we have all the reasons to be chosen as your preferred rental partner for wheelchairs.

Apart from our signature rental services, we are a prominent rental firm in Orlando, Florida engaged in sales, & services of Daily Mobility Scooters. Along your journey, if you ever come across even the minute issue in rental items, our dedicated and reliable support staff is there with you to make your ride sail smooth. And, we are just one call away from a prompt response. We offer quick pick up and delivery of wheelchairs at no extra cost at your pinpoint location.


Scooter pick-ups from our location requires a reservation

Store hours for pick-up and drop-off, Monday to Saturday, between 8am and 6pm by appointment only.

Please contact customer service for availability before heading to our location.