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Welcome to the city of Orlando, Florida. The gateway to fun, adventure, and unforgiven pleasure. The fascinating city of Orlando boasts some of the renowned attractions, landmarks, theme parks, and incredible destinations that are the best one can ever experience in a lifetime. To accompany you in this enchanting journey and to make this encounter even more magical and surprisingly awesome, our vast range of mobility scooter rentals and stroller rentals are here to transform your every single moment of traveling into a feast to remember. We know how to make our guests happy – and – we do it in style with our truly amazing rental services. Explore our versatile range of rentals, electric motorized mobility scooter rental, wheelchair rental, stroller rentals, dog stroller rentals and powerchairs rental. And, we will make sure you have some great moments with your family, friends, and group clicking pictures and riding our scooters. All that happens as our experienced staff make your bookings smooth and hassle free.

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Where to Visit Orlando,FL on A Scooter?

Rent a Mobility Scooter for DISNEY WORLD

While making your way to Orlando, Florida visit Disney World. Is one of its kinds and is wrapped with fascination, surprises, and a sense of wonders all around. Everyone loves it! Since there is something almost for every one of all age groups. Whether you are a family, a group of friends, or, a band of hippie travelers, the trip to Disney World would undoubtedly be a fantastic, thrilling experience and renting a mobility scooter from RentOrlandoScooters will make your vacation extraordinary.


Visit Wonderworks on a Scooter

Wonderworks among the stunning places around the Orlando, Florida. This place is tremendously popular for its unique construction and architecture. It is time for you to have a closer look at it by renting a scooter from RentOrlandoScooters.

Visit Universal Studios on A Scooter Rental

Witness the thrill of being with movie characters. At Universal Studios Orlando, hop on your rented mobility scooter from RentOrlandoScooters and chase dragons, TV, and movie stars as everyone of them come to life. Also our Strollers are available to rent . It is now or never to save the earth from aliens at this fun adventure theme park in FL.

Universal Studios
Orlando Convention Center

Visit Orlando Convention Center on An Electric Scooter

Orlando Convention Center should be your preferred destination after taking a rental scooter. Experience local culture, diversity, and versatility at the spectacular local events taking place at this attraction by renting an electric scooter from RentOrlandoScooters in Orlando Florida.

ViSIT Orlando Science Center ON a Power chair

Dig into the mysterious science laboratory and witness creepy experiments taking place. Learn more about the undiscovered facts, mystery, and phenomenon that take place in everyday life around us from the perspective of science. Make your visit more relaxing by renting a power chair from RentOrlandoScooters FL.

Orlando Science Center
Maddam-Taussad Museum Orlando

Visit Madam Taussad Museum on a Mobility Device

Explore celebrities, great leaders, and superheroes at the prominent Madam Tussaud Museum in Orlando Florida. Spend time taking fun pictures and capturing candid moments. 

Embrace fun, freedom, and fantasy at this amazing place. Get greater convenience, comfort, and accessibility with our mobility rental services.


Enjoy an outdoor shopping, dining, and entertainment in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, Disney springs, near Orlando.

Discover a mix of unique shops, one-of-a-kind restaurants and lively entertainment. Good for evening stroll with family and friends, with expensive store brands and dining options. 


Disney Cruise line On a Wheelchair

Explore breath-taking views and relentless entertainment on Disney Cruise line. Relax, Socialize, and connect with People from around the world when you join the Disney’s own iconic cruise lines. Rent a wheelchair from RentOrlandoScooters in Orlando FL to make cruise journey loaded with fun.


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FAQs From OUR Customers

Will you deliver our mobility scooter at our location?

Yes, We deliver to all Orlando area hotels and resorts, absolutely FREE of charge. We can leave the scooter, labelled with your name on it, with the Bell Captain, or Concierge, just check with them after your scheduled delivery time and the equipment will be there waiting for you, fully charged, and ready to go.

Do you offer accessories with mobility scooters?

Yes, you can add a cane holder, oxygen bottle holder, rear basket, cooler bag or a sunshade to any mobility scooter rental. These mobility scooters accessories can be chosen at the time of rental at an affordable add-on prices. We can even get them pre-installed at our location.

How far in advance should I make my reservation?

While we make every effort to accommodate our clients with Best Scooters Rental in Orlando. It is our strong recommendation that reservations should made in-advance of your planned stay. Holidays, spring and summer breaks and seasonal conventions are very busy times. 

Can I pick up or drop off the mobility scooters rental at your store?

Yes of course. You can pick up or drop-off the mobility rentals during the given times:

Mon – Fri / 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

If I need to change my hotel during my stay, what should I do?


Let us know, immediately, where you are moving to, so we can update your profile information, we will also need to check the collection arrangements with you to make sure everything runs smoothly, as we would not want to delay your departure in any way.

Are your mobility scooters or wheelchairs difficult to operate?

No. Our mobility rental fleet which includes mobility scooters, power chairs, knee walkers and wheelchairs has been specifically known for its durability and ease of use. We only rent premium quality brand that are customers found quite easy to operate.

How long will my scooter last upon a fully charged battery?

All of our electric scooter rental and wheelchairs rental in Orlando are equipped standard with heavy output batteries available in the industry. Mobility Scooters can range from 9 miles up to 17 miles on a fully charged battery. Keep in mind the average guest covers about 6 miles a day. The biggest variables to factor in are the weight of the driver and the terrain such as going up hills and climbs.

How can I pay for my mobility rental equipment?

We accept most major credit and debit cards, directly online, 24 hours a day, or via telephone, during office hours; reservations can be made up to one year in advance.

Do these Mobility Scooters or Wheelchairs have comfortable seats?

Yes, all the motorized scooter rentals or wheelchairs have comfortable seats. You can adjust them as per your preference. As all the mobility are premium brands, there is no compromise in seats.

Are these Mobility Scooters, Wheelchairs, or Knee Walkers portable or easy to transport?

Our portable scooters can be transported where ever your go. These best scooter rentals can be disassembled and folded, so it can fit into your car. Being light weight and portable, they take less space. 

Can You Rent a Motorized or Electric Wheelchair?

Yes, we have an entire range of motorized electric scooters, wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, knee walkers, and power chairs rentals. Our rental scooters in downtown Orlando comes at great prices along with a brilliant after rental support.

Who Qualifies for Mobility Scooter Rental?

Anyone over 18 years old, can rent a mobility scooter for Universal or Disney World Orlando trip. Regardless of age, gender, and ethnicity, book your favorite Disney Approved Scooters Rental right from our online website. 

Can You Rent a Wheelchair or Knee Walker at Disney World?

While there are multiple locations where you can rent a Wheelchair or Knee Walker at Disney World – It is always best to pre-book mobility scooters, wheelchairs, or knee walkers for rental. On RentOrlandoScooters easily book any of the scooters while planning the trip to save valuable time.

Where can you rent a Mobility Scooter for Disney Orlando?

Rent mobility scooters for Disney World in Orlando at best prices beforehand from RentOrlandoScooters website. Book them and our team will deliver – right where you want. We also offer dedicated on-call support and return service at no extra cost.

Do you need a Prescription for Knee Scooter Rental?

For Knee Scooter rental you don’t need a prescription. However, it is always best to follow the advice of a health professional before taking any decision. RentOrlandoScooters knee walker rental service is perfect for you if you are perfectly ok to drive them.

How long does the mobility scooters battery last?

When fully charged – downtown Orlando scooter rental mobility scooters and power chairs last between 8 to 16 miles of driving. However, factors such as the hills and inclines at the parks, along with the weight of the rider, tend to put a little extra stress on the batteries. We strongly advise and require charging the unit throughout your day at the parks and other attractions.

Is Knee Walker Rental better than Crutches in Orlando,FL?

Yes knee walkers are always better than crutches. While with crutches – you might be easily tired – but – with Knee walkers you can move effortlessly for a long duration and distance. Although, the things varies from person to person, knee walkers rentals near Orlando, FL are always recommended.

Can you rent two mobility Scooters at once?

Of course, you can rent two or more mobility scooters, wheelchairs, or knee walkers, and other mobilities. RentOrlandoScooters offers premium quality mobility at competitive prices. Book them easily on our website while you plan your fantasy trip to Orlando.

Do you accept mobility rental booking or return on call?

Yes, we accept on call bookings and in-person return of scooters. Just call when you want a mobility – our person delivery staff will reach you out in no time. Hence, you save valuable time to relax, plan, and spend it on other things.

What is the top speed at which I can drive these mobility during rental?

Well, there is no top speed defined. But, It is always best to be within safe limits. It is important for customers to follow the terms mentioned in rental contracts for details. In case, rental terms are violated – security deposits are forfeited.

What type of Mobility Scooter or Wheelchair type fit for me?

RentOrlandoScooters have a wide selection of models you can choose to book. All of them are extremely powerful and comfortable. You can choose either three-wheel or four-wheel scooters, knee walkers, and powerchairs. Get them at the most competitive prices at our store or online.

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